Draft Letter extract -    "In the absence of Management, Jane will assume supervisory status.  Please respect and cooperate as appropriate should such an occasion present itself.  Jane has the backing, within reason, of the Directors."

"lose the "within reason" from this paragraph... I think it's implied and I don't want a message going out with any ambiguity. I trust your
judgement and believe that if you thought you were going to overstep a line, you'd call a Director and clear it first."

- Senior Director, Small business

"Sorry I didn't get to say bye, or thanks for my Christmas present (it continues to tickle me!!). So a big THANKS !! You'll definitely be missed around the office and hopefully we'll keep in touch now and then.  Thanks again for all your support with various projects, month end admin and generally bringing some sort of order to our chaos !"

- Head of Professional Services, Small business - IT Security 

"The entire board are very impressed with what you have brought to the Company so far and we feel that you will be a valuable member going forward."

- Finance Director and Founding Partner, Small business

"Jane settled very quickly into her role and quickly improved the administrative efficiencies of the department. As the department grew, so did her role.  Apart from being my PA, she also took on the office management responsibilities of the department [45 staff - multiple disciplines].

Jane is highly reliable, pro-active and likes to go the extra mile, be it in her superb presentations, any type of documentation, or in applying best office management practice. I warmly recommend her for any EA/PA or Office Management role."

- Divisional Director, Medium size business - Publishing


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Since launching December 2012

Prior November 2012 - very similar roles

"I want to take this opportunity also to thank you for the extraordinary contribution that you have made to the school during the transition period. I would be more than happy - in fact, I would consider it an honour - to be able to offer you a reference in the future. It would be impossible for me to name anyone who has shown more dedication, commitment, loyalty, flexibility and insight to their role than you have."

- Business Manager,  Local Secondary School

"“I have never seen someone so dedicated to their work” 

- CEO  Local business

"I am sad to hear that you are leaving.  Having asked around my colleagues, I have heard only good things.

Your professional and positive approach has been greatly appreciated by all the legal team. [US, UK and mainland Europe].

With your positive attitude, I am sure that this is one of those situations where one door seems to be closing, but several other ones will open. 

 It has been a pleasure working with you.  Don't hesitate to drop by if you happen to be in New York."

                                              - Legal Consultant in US

(end of short term contract)

 "Jane performed to a very high level when working on a temporary assignment with us and more than achieved all that was asked of her.  Jane is organised, dedicated, helpful, intelligent and uses her initiative.  Jane regularly helped out ‘out of hours’ and beyond the call of duty.  I would not hesitate to employ Jane again in the future."

- CFO small business - International Market

  "I should like to thank you for all the remarkable work you have done for us over the last six months within the context of  this agreement.  As you   know, the School would be more than happy to provide a reference for any future employment or contract that you make seek elsewhere.

We also discussed the possibility of continuing your association with the school in the context of supply and project-based work.  I hope you will feel able to pursue these opportunities with us as they arise."

- Business Manager,  Local Secondary School

"Thank you for all your hard work for the company, and personally for all your support and help.  I would like to reiterate [CEO]'s comment, your work abilities are a head and shoulders above your predecessor.  I am confident that you will quickly obtain a new position.

I wish you all the best for the future, I still talk about your cake!."

- VP HR, Small start up business - Medical

"Thanks for the updates and continued support Janie.  You are working well beyond the normal call of duty here, I really appreciate it – thank you."

 - Display Systems Manager,  International business

have always strived to achieve the best in all that I do, for all, and it is therefore a personal level of commitment and dedication that I offer

           "Jane has shown herself to be an exceptional member of staff. Starting at a difficult time for the school, she has shown tremendous flexibility in managing a wide range of tasks which have more recently gelled around the data management area.


During the Enrichment process, she made a particularly significant contribution, handling a wide range of difficult problems and rapidly finding solutions to each and every one of them. So much in evidence was her level of support, that all the other staff involved soon came to focus on Jane as the bedrock for their activities and an authoritative reference point for any problems that they might encounter.


Jane has been invaluable in the process of data migration from CMIS to SIMS. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the success of the whole project would have been compromised without her presence.


In all that she does, Jane has shown herself to be the consummate professional – efficient, work-focussed, calm and with good interpersonal skills in an environment that is often tense and brings together a wide range of different.

- Business Manager, Local School

Thank you Jane you have been more than helpful.

- Local Businessman

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"We are a relatively small organisation operating within a competitive market sector.  Organisational size and the nature of our business, demand that all staff be dynamic, able to adopt a 'no fuss' attitude and, often operate outside of their suggested role.

Jane quickly settled into her position and became an effective member of the team.  She worked well with minimal supervision, often pre-empting requirements before being asked.  She was efficient and highly productive.  Her appetite for work was second to none.

jane proved to be extremely reliable, with a well developed ability to create and promote good workplace relationships.  She showed good motivational skills and contributed to a positive work environment.  Her enthusiastic approach will be missed.

Of particular significance Jane, unprompted, used her initiative and a great deal of her own time to assist me in getting home from Norway during the recent 'ash cloud crisis'.  Her regular updates, recommendations, and booking infomration helped me keep in touch and get home in a timely manner.  Jane even went as far as offering to collect me from the port of Dover on the Sunday evening.

I would highly recommend her for employment."

 - Display Systems Manager,  International business