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  • Manage your needs:
  • From chauffeur arrangements to ensuring there is food in your fridge upon returning from a journey

Personal Assistant - Premium service (Local)

  tel: 01273 553721 / 0770 450 1203

Change from this......

into this......

Data Management

  • Database Management - create; maintain and/or cleanse
  • Create - MS Access;

  • Maintain/ Cleanse - SIMS; CMIS; SugarCRM ; Achiever; bespoke

Different system?  - please ask, I can work with most MIS and CRM platforms.  Remote access required.  



Domestic Challenges

Organisational and Consultancy


  • Free up your time for more important things, like making money!

  • Reduce the stress!  Admin may not be your strength, pass the baton to someone who can!
  • ​Recover your free time to relax and share with your family or just a bit of me time
  • No employee costs
  • ​No equipment outlay
  • Too busy to hang around the house awaiting a delivery or tradesman's visit - outsource it!
  • Ad-hoc options so only pay for the hours that you need
  • 'Spread the word!' offers.  Tell someone of this service, who then signs up, and receive one full hour free!*

*additional hour to be added to an existing contractual agreement only (see pricing for full terms).

Why should I use your services?    

The Benefits....

Local service (Brighton, East Sussex) 

House-sitting (short term) -

  • Tradesmen visits;
  • Taking delivery of goods (large)

​Delivery to JG admin Services (small items) - collect or onward delivery^


  • Gifts 
  • ​​    Optional: Purchase;  Gift Wrap
  • ​Tradesmen services
  • Travel
  • MS Office 1 to 1 training/assistance
  • Small group training
  • Remote Training - helping with one off software based issues
  • Other software packages - please ask
  • Book-keeping assistance
  • Expenses - compilation
  • Estimates - typed and despatched
  • Invoicing
  • Draft and Type letters, estimates or documents
  • Transcribing / Copy and Audio Typing
  • Diary Management
  • Travel Arrangements - on call support
  • Fielding redirected calls - the personal touch
  • ​Minute taking
  • Proof reading
  • Research and Sourcing
  • Database - create; maintain and/or cleanse
  • Presentations
  • Mailings - email or postal
  • Event Organising - consultancy or full implementation
  • Project Management 
  • Temporary cover - Staff sickness
  • Event Organising- consultancy or full implementation
  • File Management and Admin systems build/design
  • Project Management 
  • Admin Consultancy- identifying best practices
  • Temporary cover - Staff sickness


Administrative Support

with Organisational Excellence