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Research and Reporting

Examples of gathered data and resulting report structure.  Most of this section is too sensitive to be posted on my website.  Included example of personal, basic database.


As the majority of my work has either confidential, branding or other identifiers detailed throughout, I have cleansed to remove such I can present them here.  

MS Word - Display work

Examples of display work created using MS Word, including forms and document layout.

MS Excel Scheduler

This was designed to plot the various different departments involvement in producing a directory, with timeline, slippage indicator highlighting knock on effects, deadlines, etc.  Different page breakdowns allow the user to view: by department, add comments, overview of all projects running and likely hot spots.  

Dates automatically re-set/adjust on entering the manually entered publishing date. 

MS Powerpoint - Display work

Examples of effects that can enhance a presentation using MS Powerpoint.  Graphics created within MS Word, MS Visio, Paint (free hand); Mural work (mural in collaboration with past colleague and friend, Malcolm Stephenson).

Here are a few examples of work from my Portfolio...